Our History

Established in 1949 by a group of business leaders and academics, ESLSCA strives to train commercial and industrial managers and executives.


1949: Creation of ESLSCA Business School Paris. It is the first independent business school to have been created outside the scope of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The first promotions were accepted for a 2-year program after a Bachelor's degree.


1954: The program of the ESLSCA Business School Paris takes place on a three-year course.


1962: Recruitment takes place after a competition reserved for pupils of preparatory classes for higher business education.


1971: The School is given State accreditation by the French Decree of the 21st of April 1971.


1972: 7 Educational departments are created with the aim of implementing different teachings within the Educational Directorate:


  • Economy-International Affairs
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Tax Law
  • Computer Statistics
  • General Human Relations and Policies
  • Languages


1976: The ESLSCA diploma is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Education by the French Decree of the 29th of August 1978.


1979: First joint-degree agreements with several American, Canadian and Japanese universities (MBA diploma and ESLSCA diploma simultaneously).


1980: Beginning of Lifelong learning programs (continuing education).


1982: Creation of the IFAM (Franco-American Institute of Management), sister school of the ESLSCA Business School Paris.


1988: Start of 3rd cycle programs, which gather 19 programs in 2009-2010 with 2 MBA programs and 5 MSC programs in English.


1989: At the start of 1989, a multinational, undergraduate, 3-year course, with mandatory semesters abroad to be spent in the United States and Europe, is opened: it is the Higher Institute of Business and Management (INSAM), and will later be replaced by the Bachelor’s program.


1997: Establishment of the EGE “School of Economic Warfare”, symbolizing the beginning of the 3rd cycle on Economic Intelligence. Birth of English-speaking programs in Paris, with the BBA (Bachelor’s of Business Administration) and MBA (Master’s of Business Administration).


2005: Launch of Lifelong learning courses in Strategic Management and Economic Intelligence (MSIE) at the EGE.


2009: Celebrating 60 years of ESLSCA Business School Paris


2011: Georges Castel elected best French educationalist by Eduniversal’s Education Trophies.


2011: Organization of the first General States of Economic Intelligence


2016: ESLSCA Business School Paris in the Top 10 of Universities and European Schools with the highest paid graduates


2016: Acquisition of ESLSCA Business School Paris by the Planeta group.


2016: The EGE diploma is listed in the RNCP register.


Fall 2017:  30th MBA Trading Promotion – Financial Markets