Specialized MBAHospitality Management

Initial training
4-year Undergraduate degree or Higher


Tourism and Hospitality Management are a growing market:


  • 2016 Total Revenues in France : 42,5 billions € (5th place) = 7,3% GDP
  • World growth of 3,3%/year (until 10% of the World GDP in 2030)
  • France is number 1 destination for tourism (89 million foreign visitors in France in 2016, 5% increase in 2017)


What makes it exciting when it is about to choose a career is that Tourism and Hospitality Management is a moving industry with a growing impact of new comers like Airbnb, the consolidation around historic major players, and the necessary integration of new technologies to address the high expectations of a new clientele.


France is definitely a good choice as there is a typical French know-how as a legacy of a long tradition (with world leaders like Accor).




  • An in-depth knowledge of the Tourism industry
  • Understand the transverse disciplines which constitute the core of Tourism activities
  • Develop the innovation and leadership capacities that are key to a successful endeavor in Hospitality Management
  • Master the intercultural dynamics in a global scene





Module 1 : The Tourism sector :


  • Socio-economic Context
  • Major Players
  • Tourism Marketing & Sales in global settings


Module 2 : Managing and Leading :


  • Financial Management
  • Talents Management
  • New Techs and Performance
  • Luxury Brands Management
  • Corporate Internationalization
  • Cross Cultural Marketing


Module 3 : Hospitality Management in 2018 :


  • Revenue & Yield Management
  • Strategic Food & Beverage Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Management
  • Competitiveness & Innovation in Hospitality
  • Operations Management in Hospitality


Module 4 : Master Project








Industries : Hospitality, Food & Beverage



Professions: Direction of establishment








The School offers the possibily, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year : spanning from January to December.


The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview.