Join IFAM program seems to find the best way to meeting curent and future requirements of international issues. It will give you the best practices to manage somes situations that you need to answer. It is the research of excellence. Access to the French Institute of American Management (in french IFAM (institut franco-américain de management)

Our mission

IFAM Business School students are encouraged to develop competencies in :

  • Leadership and interpersonal communication
  • Problem solving and analysis
  • Fast learning
  • Applying critical thinking to Management in a global context

Our objectives :

  • Provide and quality education in our classroom
  • Creating an open community with a cultural diversity
  • Delivering a unique educational system
  • Creating a relation with professionals

Our programs :

Bachelor in Business Administration

Created in 1982, IFAM’s BBA program was the first to be developing in France, in partnership with United States universities. With the American education model, IFAM has made the successful bidding of an international education with the focus to discovery the best pracctives of the companies. Read more

International MBA

International MBA program of IFAM has been one of the first to be develop in France in 1986. To successfull in business world, the highest responsibilities require an high analysis of making decision. To prepare MBA students, IFAM offers them one program in English. Read more